What to visit in Lisbon during the summer
What to visit in Lisbon during the summer
From parks to beaches, from viewpoints to terraces, Lisbon's summer life is outdoors! Find out what to visit in Lisbon during the summer.

Lisbon is a city known for its special light throughout the year. In summer months, this light is enhanced by mild nights, long days and, of course, temperatures that invite life outdoors, which can reach 35ºC at times. But these temperatures don't mean you should stay home and enjoy air conditioning. Lisbon in summer has several charms, starting with the shorter traffic queues and the lower influx of people in transport, which makes it ideal for a few days of leisure.

But, what to visit in Lisbon during the summer? We have chosen some activities and places that you should try to visit in the capital and surroundings.

It seems like an obvious choice, but the number of good beach options around Lisbon makes it a must. Try to see the sights of Portinho da Arrábida, or try water sports on Tamariz Beach. Always with your camera ready, enjoy panoramic views of Guincho or Tower Beaches. If you are a fan of long walks on harder sand, Caparica Coast Beach is perfect for catching up with family and friends. If you prefer to admire cliffs and rocky hills lying on the sand, Figueirinha and Formosa beaches are unforgettable postcards.

Lying on the grass of Lisbon's Viewpoints is a relaxing and refreshing activity. Imagine admiring the views of the city while reading a book or having a picnic. You can spend an afternoon or a day at Torel and da Graça Viewpoitns. If you prefer to admire the sun's rays accompanied by a drink or a cocktail, the Alcântara Viewpoint, the Santa Luzia Viewpoint or the Sun’s Gates Viewpoint are other excellent options. You can also trace a route through the large number of viewpoints in Lisbon (there are more than 20!) and thus spend a magnificent summer day in the capital!

The green spaces of Lisbon are not secondary and can be a magnificent option to rest, play sports, sit on the benches in the garden, or even lie down on holiday, while contemplating nature. Some parks that are a must for their beauty and natural amphitheatres are the Botanical Garden, the gardens of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the Star Garden, or the Great Field Gardens. Many of these gardens also have terrace services, so you can always enjoy cool drinks while relaxing outdoors.

With so many incredible views, the great outdoors calls for conviviality and good cocktails. Fortunately, Lisbon is a city with a wide range of bars and cafés with great terraces and open views. We suggest the Barrio Alto area, or the Alfama cafés, to contemplate the Tagus River while enjoying a cocktail.

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