Lisbon getaway
Lisbon getaway
A getaway to Lisbon means staying away from routine, strolling their streets and avenues, and enjoying a gastronomic offer worldwide recognized

If you are thinking about spending a weekend out, a getaway to Lisbon is always an interesting option to have present. With great accessibility in transfers, Lisbon is a destination easy to get by plane, coming from abroad, or by train or bus inside Portugal.

A city with history, cosmopolitan, on the shores of the Tagus river, with gastronomy that delights everyone who comes. Lisbon is Europe’s coolest city according to CNN, it was considered the third most hospitably city in the world according to a TripAdvisor study, it was chosen as the best destination for an urban getaway at the World Travel Awards… Do you still have doubts to choose your next destination for an urban getaway?

For your stay in Lisbon, we have thought of a route that can be made in three days. Do you want to know about it?

Day 1
This is the day of your arrival in Lisbon. Probably you’ll arrive late afternoon or early in the evening, tired from the trip or for the long working week. Do you want to enjoy a good meal, a nice place, right? Don’t worry. Lisbon has a wide variety of restaurants that opens late at night. Don’t let the schedule stop you to enjoy gastronomy.

Baixa area is a good option for your first dinner in the city. With the belly full, take advantage of this night to rest because you still have pending a whole weekend.

Day 2
On your second day in Lisbon, wake up early, have a full breakfast to get energy for the day, and prepare yourself to walk. In fact, to go up and down, if not, Lisbon won’t be the city of the seven hills.

Start visiting the historic neigbourhoods of Alfama y Graca, touring their alleys and getting lost in them. Visit San Jorge Castle, National Pantheon and take advantage that is Saturday and take a look at the oldest fair of the city, Feira da Ladra, that takes place in Campo de Santa Clara. There you’ll find all about antiques and collection objects.

In the afternoon, what about feeling the cosmopolitan environment of Liberdade avenue? It was built in the image and likeness of Parisian boulevards, that’s why it is so similar to the Champs Elysée's. Here are all the international brands, in an avenue protected by shade trees, dotted with gardens and fountains.

The night is for enjoying the lively Lisbon scene. The Chiado triangle, Bairro Alto, Cais do Sodré gather the most popular restaurants and bars, we suggest you choose this area to go out at night. The hard task will be to select a spot!

Day 3
Book your last day in Lisbon to discover a part of the cultural and historic side. Go to Belém that has a lot to explore. Visit an exposition at the Cultural Center of Belém, visit the Los Jerónimos monastery, classified by UNESCO as human heritage.

If you are here, you have to taste a Belém cake in the factory that has made this candy since 1837, or any of them, you can even take a box of candies for the trip! And you can’t leave without strolling the shores of the Tagus river.

Is almost time to leave, and for sure you’ll miss it. See you soon. Lisbon awaits you!

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