Route through Alfama
Route through Alfama
Discover the most traditional neighbourhood of Lisbon with this Route through Alfama that we propose

It is one of the best known neighbourhood in Lisbon and without a doubt the most typical. With picturesque surroundings, there is always something to discover in Alfama district. There you can feel the neighbourhood life, with genuine people, shops and traditional commerce and, of course, many streets to go up and down. Walking through Alfama is exercising! Ready for a route through Alfama?

As if it were a town within Lisbon, it denotes the union of the community, in what is truly a neighbourhood with culture and tradition. Alfama's name derives from Moorish influences, from the word "al-hammã", which means warm waters. In fact, in addition to the large clotheslines, the tall buildings, the fountains that are found, true secrets, can justify the name of this neighbourhood.

To visit Alfama is to get lost in the middle of the alleys and listen to the conversations between neighbours, while admiring the Tagus River from another perspective. The charming streets and alleys are combined with beautiful architecture, full of colour and old buildings. It is a very safe, cheerful and above all quiet neighbourhood, where history is still a reality. Alfama's key word is really the colour, not only of the buildings, but also, as mentioned, of the clothes on the clotheslines, due to the mild climate felt in the Portuguese capital.

Besides the tiles, exploring the true spirit of Alfama means walking up the Santo Estevão sidewalk and enjoying Santo Estevão viewpoint, with its breathtaking scenery. Another of the most popular viewpoints in Lisbon is also located in Alfama, the Miradouro das Portas do Sol. And if you like good views, we also suggest the viewpoint and the church of Santa Luzia.

If you like fado, you can visit the Fado Museum, which has an exhibition dedicated to the history of fado and the Portuguese guitar. In addition, you will notice the echoes of the typical Portuguese fado that comes out of the historic fado houses, spread throughout the neighbourhood. But Alfama has much more, there, the National Pantheon is located, where some of the greatest Portuguese names are buried, such as Amália Rodrigues.

The first Portuguese public fountain is also found in Alfama, Fonte d'el Rei, and it is a must- stop. Finally, do not forget to visit the Church of São Vicente de Fora, a tribute to the Catholicism of the Iberian Peninsula. Other points of interest are the Casa da Liberdade Mário Cesariny, or the Mural of Amália Rodrigues, made by the artist VHILS. And, if you visit the neighbourhood during the Santo António festivities, you know that the atmosphere here is unique!

Where to stay if you want to make a route through Alfama

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